Hair Loss and Chinese Medicine

Getting to the Root of hair loss: Holistic Approach to healthier hair

Hair thinning or loss is a concern to many, whether you are male or female.
The volume and quality of hair can mirror your internal health. In TCM, This means that the
appearance and quality of the hair can reflect the qi, blood, essence and internal well-being of a

How can TCM Help?
In TCM, we believe that the roles of spleen, liver and kidney of the body are crucial for healthy growth and black hair. The main cause of hair loss is blood deficiency.


  • Improve function of Spleen,liver,kidney
  • Promote blood circulation in the scalp
  • stimulate hair follicles
  • Speed hair growth
  • Reverese thining hair
  • Improve overall wellness and appearance 

Each visit to our clinic will require approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time.  Each session consists of a consultation and various Chinese medicine modalities (combination of unique technique-pain free) targeting on scalp and root cause of hair loss.

With microcurrent acupressure/acupuncture therapy we activate hair follicles, reverse thinning hair, speeds hair growth, stimulate new hair growth, strengthen and thicken hair and according to our
practitioner’s diagnose, patient may need to take prescribed herbal formula as well during the treatments.

In evaluating one’s cause of hair loss, Our  Chinese medicine practitioner will ask questions which includes:

·       Reasons or triggers for hair loss. For e.g. stress, poor nutrition or after giving birth

·       Locations of hair loss.

·       Duration of hair loss

·       Other accompanying symptoms

Our TCM Practitioner will diagnose the root cause and contributing factors to your hair loss. Once internal balance is achieved, other issues associated with hair loss such as digestive issues, stress, insomnia, qi or blood deficiency will simultaneously be resolved too.


Book a brief consultation to find out how our solutions can put you on the path to better health and natural beauty! 

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